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Silicon Wiper

Silicon Wiper

Silicon Wiper
10.72 EUR(Including VAT)
In stock
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Czech technology
Developed with scientists at the Technical University of Liberec.
Long-term protection
Your car will be protected for more than a year.
Easy maintenance
Maintenance of your car will be easier and less frequent.
Easy application
We will guide you or
we will do it for you.
Fast delivery
Product description

A silicone wiper to wipe away water. The fastest method to dry car bodywork or glass. A fine silicone wiping bar perfectly traces the uneven shape of the bodywork. Using this enables you to wipe water and wetness off the surface in an easy manner. Wipe the entire surface of the bodywork, including glass, with long strokes from the top all the way to the ground. After wiping the wiper is dry, which is not the case if you use a chamois leather. It leaves no traces or fabric fibres on the surface.

TIP: It is also great for wiping widows in houses.

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