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Polishing Cloth (Orange)

Polishing Cloth (Orange)

Jemný hadřík z mikrovlákna oranžový
3.65 EUR(Including VAT)
7 dní
Easy application
Service life between 1 and 2 years
Easy subsequent maintenance
Product code
We are the leader on the market
We dispatch goods within 24 hours
We have patented technology
Product description

This fine microfiber cloth is used to spread and polish out PIKATEC polishes on car bodywork. During tests with polishes tens of different types of fabric were tried to make sure that PIKATEC polish would be easy to polish out. Care was taken to make sure that stains were not created and that fibres did not stick to the surface after use. The Polishing Cloth was the absolute winner of this internal testing. The colours are used to distinguish among types of application.

For example – orange for the bodywork, white for glass. One need not remember what was treated with which the last time.

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