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Nano Protect Wood 100ml

Protection of natural wood

Nano Protect Wood 100ml
Protection of natural wood, utilization of 9 m2. It is a specially developed antibacterial polish used to protect wood. It underscores the natural features of different tree species, which deepen the texture of the structure. It completely replaces various teak oils and has a long-term effect on the wood structure.

The new version of the nano cosmetics with new features! 
More information about the new version can be found here.

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Product description

This new version has the following features compared to the first version of the HOME family: a significant change to the polisher properties on wood. Nearly 40% better hydrophobicity, significantly better membrane formation (better wood "breathes"), better grip of about 30%, significantly higher hardness, great dust repellency.

Nanotechnology Nano Protect Wood is a specially developed anti-bacterial anti-bacterial action that protects wood. It underscores the natural features of different tree species, which deepen the texture of the structure. It completely replaces various teak oils and has a long-term effect on the wood structure.

Its composition ensures the hardening of the surface of the wood and thus its greater abrasion resistance and protection against UV radiation, causing color fading. Its antibacterial effect prevents the bacteria from growing on the surface. The product deepens the wood, softens and delivers the necessary shine. Nano Protect Wood does not close the pores on the surface, so the wood is "breathing". This is due to the fact that the composition forms on the surface a membrane that does not drop water drops, but on the contrary, it discharges many smaller particles of steam or water of saturated air. So the moisture comes out of the wood. Wood is less dirty, better cleaned and washed, with no different molds and bacterial cultures growing on its surface. Wood is much better resistant to normal wear and tear, such as seating and subsequent friction when moving people on wooden chairs and benches. The surface membrane contains nanoparticles that are deposited in a coarse wood structure just below the surface, and the whole system is so stiffened and lasts longer than conventional treatments based on various waxes and oils. At the same time, thanks to the membrane, it almost does not leak out and thus the timber is nourished and protected at all times. It has long been operating in various depressions and unevenness of wooden furniture. We recommend renewing after the next year by applying a second layer, even double the internal use.

The total area to which protection is sufficient is 9 m2.

Instructions for use

Shake the preparation thoroughly before use. Apply to dry, cleaned, abraded or degreased surfaces. Apply in a small amount using a cloth or pad (Pikatec accessory sponge) and then lightly spread evenly so that the fabric is "poured" into the wood structure.

After spraying, allow it to work for approximately 1 hour if necessary, then wipe with a cloth. Prior to the application of the second layer (recommended for old or overcoated wood), the first layer must be dried on the surface and must not stick to the touch. Apply and spread the second coat very gently to avoid damaging the previous layer or apply it after several hours (the second layer has a significantly lower consumption).

The next stage is polymerization, when Nano Protect Wood approx. Twelve hours after crushing, the final layer hardens and has the ultimate strength and elasticity.

The final step is to wipe the emulsifiers after the final cure. Simply wipe the treated surface with a damp cloth, so that an emulsifier (fine invisible powder) is washed away from the surface to hydrophobic effect (water repellency) on the wood surface.

Tips: When it comes to softwood like spruce or old dried wood, the surface absorbency can be larger. If necessary, it is advisable to apply one more layer of nanopowder, but only after the first application has been fully cured. Up to 12h. If you applied earlier, you would still apply one layer, but stronger, which is undesirable in terms of interconnection and cure of polish with the surface. Prior to the second application, make sure the surface is clean, especially for wooden surfaces exposed to outdoor influences. Let's keep in mind that the better the polisher gets together with the wood, without unwanted grease, the result will be better.

For outdoor wooden furniture, especially on a load-bearing surface such as a top table top, fence or cottage, you can use a superstructure superstructure superstructure, which is extremely hydrophobic and significantly closes the surface (even though the wood still breathes), but can produce a slightly glossy effect . This protects wood against extreme natural outdoor influences such as sunlight, wind, rain and flying dirt (grease). We recommend testing it on a smaller surface area so you can evaluate the resulting visual effect.

It is also necessary to realize that if the wood is painted, it is the treatment of the painted surface and the Nano Protect Painted Surface must be used.

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