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Nano Protect Textil

Protection on textiles

Nano Protect Textil
Product for protection of textiles (100 mL) is ideal for the treatment of automobile interior. Utilization of 10 m2.
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14.15  EUR
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Product description

Hydrophobic nanotechnology means, which serves to protect textiles. Nanoparticles (billionth of a meter) easily penetrate into the structure of textile materials and shape around an invisible nano fiber that repels dirt and other molecules liquids. Thus, foreign substances can not penetrate to the textile fibers, which thus resists moisture, dirt and stain, even from corrosive substances (coffee, blood, red wine, oil, grease, food debris, chemicals). All of the liquid due to the hydrophobic (water-repellent) effect of the surface of the treated fabric easily slip. Means strengthens the fabric abrasion resistance and protects against UV radiation and at varying temperatures. Surface treatment agent Nano Protect Textile and can not see nor touch not feel any change (is sticky and perfectly breathable). After washing, need treatment with Nano Protect Textile again.

Utilization of 10 m2.

Instructions for use

On dry cleaned fabric is applied from a distance of 20-30 cm using a sprayer thin continuous layer device Protect Nano Textile. For larger areas can be used in the industrial use and the spray gun. In case of strong fabric layer deposited we recommend "rub" non-absorbent cloth into the structure of the substance. Textile Nano Protect to better get to the fibers. Let dry at normal room temperature or at temperatures up to max. 40 DEG C. Protective effect occurs about 1 hour after drying. Optimal protective effect occurs after 24 hours when the nanoparticles settle on the surface and form a protective shield (after formation of the crystal lattice).

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