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Nano Protect Stainless 50ml

Protection of stainless materials

Nano Protect Stainless 50ml
Protection of stainless materials, use 8-16 m2. The formula is suitable for the protection of all stainless surfaces, such as fridges, stainless steel kitchen appliances, stainless steel doors (for example, from lifts), tables and other kitchen furniture.

The new version of the nano cosmetics with new features! 
More information about the new version can be found here.

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17.19  EUR
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Product description

This new version has the following features compared to the first version of the HOME range: this product has increased its usability not only for stainless steel but also for chrome surfaces or other non-ferrous metals (brass, copper, etc.). A new chemical structure where it was possible to exceed the water repellency contact angle across the 100 ° limit. Significantly improved adhesion, excellent resistance to scale formation and sedimentation.

Nanotechnological hydrophobic protection. On the surface it reduces the adhesion of dirt and repels water. After application, it has a lifetime of up to one year. The nanoparticles (billionths of a meter) contained in this product create an invisible transparent layer on the surface. It's a tough shield that penetrates into the pores and smoothes its surface. For polished stainless steel, of course, it does not smooth out the deep grooves of the cutting edge, but smoothes out its edges and unevenness, so it is only necessary to clean and wash the material in the direction of the abdomen to remove dirt from the grooves. Moreover, the surface treated with Nano Protect Stainless gets higher hardness. Organic residues (eg bird droppings) do not damage the treated surface. This hydrophobic agent works on the principle of lotus effect. When contacted with water, water drops from the surface are strongly repelled by gravity or air flow. Dripping water removes particles of dirt from the surface of the glass that had previously been adhered there. In the rain, there is a self-cleaning effect.

Consumption of the product is 8-16 m2. Only one layer is applied.

Instructions for use

Shake well before use! Do not apply in direct sunlight or in the rain! Apply only to a very clean and degreased surface that is free of dirt and is dried! The surface of the stainless steel should be degreased with Nano Clear Glass. Apply Nano Protect Stainless to the surface using a non-woven application cloth. Allow to dry for 3-5 minutes. After this time, polish the surface to a high gloss with a polishing cloth (in the case of polished stainless steel, we only polish in the direction of the cutting edge!). In case of splashing problems, the surface can be lightly sprayed with Nano Clear Glass and polish it with a dry polishing cloth. If Nano Clear Glass is used to aid in blurring, there is no need to worry about the deterioration of the resulting properties.

After 90 minutes, the surface may be exposed to direct sunlight, water, and frost to -5 ° C when it is fully cured. For perfect curing, it is not advisable to expose the surface for extreme weather conditions (torrential rain, temperatures below -5 ° C or above 30 ° C) for at least 12 hours.

The optimal polishing effect and hardness occurs after 12 hours when the nanoparticles settle on the surface to form a shield (crystalline grid). When setting at low temperatures, the final cure time is slightly longer.

In the event of poor surface preparation, it may reduce performance, reduce functionality or reduce the life of the product. For perfect preparation, it is advisable to remove any dirt and stains. Applying to these impurities and then polishing the polish, you would have "stained" them in the polish, and then it would be very difficult to get rid of them. Do not apply in direct sunlight!

Application Simplification Tip: Long-term experience and feedback brings us with recommendations on how to apply these shields correctly and effortlessly. Everything is done as in the operating instructions. For spraying only, it is advisable to apply (spraying) lightly onto the Nano Clear Glass cloth and then lightly scatter the surface to a high gloss that is slightly surface-dyed. Do not push on the cloth, it is better to move the cloth 4 times a lot easier than once. It could be that with a heavy pressure on the cloth when scrubbing, you could still polish softly from the surface, and its functionality could be worse. In addition, you are significantly less upset. All this and then let the hardened polish harden as directed.

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