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Nano Protect Painted Surface 30ml

Protection of painted surfaces

Nano Protect Painted Surface 30ml
Protection of painted surfaces, utilization of 6 m2. The formula is suitable anywhere in the home for the protection of painted parts of the products. Interior and exterior lacquered furniture, piano lacquers, varnished sheets, varnished windows, staircases, varnished parts of the bathroom, kitchen sets with a high gloss effect, painted floors and the like.

The new version of the nano cosmetics with new features! 
More information about the new version can be found here.

6.72 EUR(Including VAT)
13.38  EUR
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Product description

This new version has the following features compared to the first version of the HOME range: new additives improving water repellency, better grease repellency, dust particles and better grip. Fewer handcuffs are formed.

A revolutionary recipe for nanotechnology, which creates an invisible transparent layer of nanoparticles (billionths of a meter) on the lacquered surface, a kind of hard shield. It penetrates into the pores of the varnish structure and closes it, protecting it from the surface. Smooths its surface and, thanks to the presence of hard oxide nanoparticles, it strengthens it. It has a long-lasting effect of 12 months, ensures high gloss, protection against scratches from small impurities and dust, protection from salt, chemicals, detergents and UV radiation. Apply polish only to surfaces that are pre-washed and cleaned.

The total area to which protection is sufficient is 6 m2.

Instructions for use

Shake well before use! Since it is nanotechnology, apply only a small amount of the tool, otherwise you only wipe the rest in the subsequent deco. Spread evenly, preferably with a non-absorbent cloth, a visible film. Allow about 30 minutes to dry when the film lightly lightens and polish it with a lint-free cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight, but after 90 minutes you can expose the surface to direct sunlight. After such treatment, it also resists water. The polishing solids from above, so under the hardening top layer there is still a soft lower part of the polish for 12 hours.

The optimal protective effect and hardness occurs after 12 hours when the nanoparticles settle on the surface to form a shield (crystalline grid). During this time, a very thin layer of very slightly visible powder that is not water repellent and which can be washed with a damp cloth is eliminated. Water repellency occurs after washing this layer and every subsequent wash, these properties improve for some time.

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