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Nano Protect Plastic

Protecting plastics

Nano Protect Plastic
The product (30 ml) fits anywhere in the interior and exterior of the car to protect plastic products. Its composition is identical products for the household, but its concentration is significantly higher now, given the high burden. Use of 6 m2. Apply only one layer.
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Perhaps the hardest part is keeping the plastic surfaces anywhere indoors and outdoors. Their structure is microscopically very rough and simple washing is actually dissolve dirt and subsequent trituration of the surface. He then sends looking, white-graying and yellowing caused by UV radiation. Over time, the surface looks like it has not washed and is permanently contaminated. The new, revolutionary formula of nanotechnology means that the surface of the plastic creates an invisible layer of transparent nano (billionth of a meter), that is sort of hard shield. Penetrates into the pore structure of the material and closes it, thus it protects the surface. Smoothing its surface and due to the presence of hard oxides nanoparticles it reinforces. With UV filters in polishes significantly reduces deterioration and disintegration of polymers (plastics) due to solar UV radiation and maintained their color stability. It has long-term exposure (12 months), ensuring a high gloss, protection from scratches, minor dirt and dust protection from the effects of salt, chemicals, detergents, pollen and tree sap, bird droppings, and UV radiation. Apply polish only on surfaces pre-cleaned and cleaned.

Use of 6 m2. Apply only one layer.

Instructions for use

Preparation Shake well before use. Apply on dry, cleaned and degreased surfaces. Application is carried out in small amounts using the pads (sponge accessory Pikatec), and then lightly rubbed uniformly, so that the composition "vpil" to the structure of plastic on a visible film. Let dry for about 30 minutes when the film slightly brighter, and buff to a high gloss using a cloth.

Gross and patterned plastics behave similarly, unless polish sprayed directly into the structure of patterned plastic polish Zatec there and if you will not manage rozleštit cloth, so at this point can make a shiny spot. In this case it is necessary after 2 minutes (within 30 minutes) after applying polishes start rozlešťovat product Nano Clean Surface (can also use Nano Clear Glass) to the desired appearance. However, it is better to apply the polish to the sponge (Pikatec accessories), pinching lightly polishing sponges that get into the foam structure and only thus wipe patterned plastic. White plastic and smooth any colored plastics and of course rozlešťují very easily and in any manner. This passage only highlights some materials and structures, which when applied to any means, would cause the application of temporary spots.

Do not apply in direct sunlight, but after 90 minutes the surface may be exposed to direct sunlight. Polishing solidifies above, thus hardening under top layer after 12 hours still soft bottom polishes. Optimum hardness and protective effect occurs after 12 hours, when the nanoparticles settle on the surface and form a protective shield (crystal lattice). During this time, the surface excluding a very thin layer of very weakly visible powder that is water repellent and which can be washed off with a damp cloth. Water repellency occurs after washing this layer and any further washing these properties for some time to improve.

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