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Nano Protect Leather

Protecting leather

Nano Protect Leather
Protection of leather (30 mL) is suitable for the cleaning of the leather of all parts of the interior of your car e.g. seats, upholstery leather like. Use of 6 m2 in two layers.
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Product description

Nanotechnology product Protect Nano Leather polish is specially developed to protect car interiors with antibacterial action to protect the skin. Its composition ensures hardening of the skin and hence its greater abrasion resistance and protection against UV radiation causing discoloring. Antibacterial effect prevents the propagation of bacteria on the surface. The product nourishes the skin in depth, softens and gives the necessary gloss. Nano Protect Leather does not close the pores on the surface, so called skin. "Breathes". It is caused by that the composition forms on the surface a kind of membrane which is impermeable to water droplets, while, on the contrary pass much smaller particles of steam or water saturated air. The skin is then less stains, easier to clean, and its surface expands the variety of mold and bacterial cultures. Skin is more resilient to normal wear and tear, caused for example by sitting and subsequent friction during movement of persons on the sofas. The surface membrane contains nanoparticles, which are established in the rough texture of the skin just below the surface. The whole system is thus reinforced and last much longer after treatment than the conventional compositions based on various waxes and oils. The composition contains additives and vitamins, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, which remain in the structure of the skin. It is due almost impermeable membrane outward and thereby the skin throughout nourished and protected.

Use of 6 m2 in two layers.

Instructions for use

Preparation Shake well before use. In the case of the application under 20 ° C is recommended to warm means by inserting the vial into a warm water bath of about 40-50 ° C for about 3-5 minutes. Means to soften it. Then again shake. Apply it to the surface is thoroughly cleaned with Nano Clean Leather - Leather Cleaner.

Application is carried out in a small volume using a clean cloth or fall (sponges accessory Pikatec), and then lightly rubbed uniformly, so that the composition "vpil" skin. Not suitable for grinding dry skin effect type Alcantara because it underscores shine. In the case of perforated leather (with holes) Apply a thin layer of a cloth and rub the first on any smooth surface, that means slightly "vpil" rag. Then, after blending the perforated skin so that the composition not leak into the holes and is nezalepoval. It is similar to other products for skin treatment.

After crushing leave for about 1 hour followed by polishing with a soft cloth. Before any application of the second layer (recommended for old or přeschlých skin) must first layer surface dry to the touch, not sticky. Any second coat and spread it very gently to avoid damaging the previous layer, or apply it after a few hours. I second layer is necessary rozleštit.

The last stage is the polymerization, wherein the composition Nano Protect Leather approximately 12 hours after spreading of the final layer hardens and has the final strength and flexibility.

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