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Nano Clean Plastic 100ml

Plastic cleaner

Nano Clean Plastic 100ml
Plastic cleaner, use 6-20 m2. It fits anywhere in the home for cleaning polluted and shattered plastic products, baths, showers, pools, hydromassage baths, window frames, plastic furniture, various covers and covers for indoor and outdoor use.

The new version of the nano cosmetics with new features! 
More information about the new version can be found here.

7.44 EUR(Including VAT)
11.46  EUR
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Product description

It is able to dissolve various impurities and damage caused by degradation of plastic, most often due to UV radiation. The plastic surface is sunny and the UV radiation is permanently damaged and the surface is oxidized. The surface becomes yellowish, later in the extreme case it turns black and the layer of ruined surface can be measured in micrometers. Since the surface of the plastic is very porous, the various dirt and greases that stick to it can easily get into its structure. Depending on the degree of surface damage, we divide the cleaning process into chemical and chemical-mechanical.

The total area that protection is sufficient is 6-20 m2.

Instructions for use

We apply the Nano Clean Plastic cloth to the cloth and clean the shaved area. Impurities are easily removed from the plastic. The original color is restored. In the event that some smudges remain on the surface, clean the surface again in the original clean form.

In case of extreme contamination, Degradation of the surface, we must use the chemical-mechanical method. For rough sanding 240-400 (start with finer, and if not use thicker), apply Nano Clean Plastic, and press simultaneously with the circular movements to the damaged area to clean the surface in its original form. A sticky structure is formed on the surface - a paste that must be removed continuously by wiping the cloth with Nano Clean Plastic. With this method, the consumption of Nano Clean Plastic is significantly higher than normal cleaning.

Finally, for both cleaning methods, the surface must be properly degreased with Nano Clean Surface. The surface is ready to apply Nano Protect Plastic.

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