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Nano Glass Protection Pack

Set on the glass

Nano Glass Protection Pack
Set nano cosmetics for complete cleanup and protection glasses. Sufficient protection 8 m2 glass.
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Products purchased separately627 EUR
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Buys a pack save611.71 EUR
15.29 EUR(Including VAT)
19.13  EUR
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Product description

The product used for degreasing and removal of impurities before applying the composition Nano Protect Glass (nanoochrana glasses). Nanoparticles (billionths of a meter) easily penetrate into the pores of the glass surface and remove debris in its structure.

Nanotechnology hydrophobic protection. On the glass surface reduces the adhesion of dirt and water-repellent. After the application has a lifespan of up to one year. Nanoparticles (size billionth of a meter) contained in the product formed on the surface of the glass invisible transparent layer. It's kind of hard protective shield which penetrates into the pores of the glass and smoothing its surface. Consequently, they can not get into the pores of impurities because the treated surface does not permit a good adhesion. Surface treated by Nano Protect Glass, receives higher hardness and flying objects from nano lightly bounces, avoiding the creation of long scratches and grooves. Organic materials (eg. Bird droppings) do not damage the treated glass surface. The hydrophobic agent is working on the principle of the lotus effect. On contact with water there is a significant repel water droplets from the surface by gravity and air flow. Run-off water removes particles of dirt from the glass surface, which previously adhering there. When it rains, thus the effect of self-cleaning glass.

The total area for which sufficient protection Nano Glass Protection Pack is 8 m2.

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