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Nano Clean Wheel

Wheel Disc Cleaner

Nano Clean Wheel
4.56 EUR(Including VAT)
5.71  EUR
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Product description

A very strong preparation for primary cleaning and to remove dirt from aluminium rims of wheels (it is also suitable for steel wheels and plastic wheel hubcaps). Nano Clean Wheel is designed to dissolve all mechanical and chemical impurities. It also erodes the structure of all types of original polishes that have previously been used on the wheel. It creates a perfectly prepared surface for the follow-up application of a protective layer of Ceramic Nano Protect Wheel. 
If the wheel is extremely soiled, e.g. due to the combination of high speed on a racing track and the extreme use of brakes, it fine powder from the brake lining may stick to the polish and cake on the surface of the polish unless the wheel is regularly washed. You can tell that this has happened when it is very difficult to remove the dirt. However, dirt is only stuck to the polish and will not penetrate into the structure of the wheel.
In this case we recommend that the wheel be properly cleaned with Nano Clean Wheel. This cleaning preparation for wheel rims will remove extreme soiling. Under normal operation we recommend that the wheels be cleaned with PIKATEC Ceramic Nano Shampoo or Nano Clean Wheel.
Note: Never use Nano Clean Wheel to remove original polishes from the lacquer of the bodywork!!! This could damage the lacquer of the car irreversibly because of the low PH of the preparation (this does not apply to lacquer on wheels)

Instructions for use: 

Use the atomiser to spray the preparation onto a dirty wheel and leave it to work for 5 minutes. Afterwards, wash thoroughly with a jet of water - pressurised is best. 
In cases of extreme soiling, repeat the application or you may also want to use a brush. However this measure is quite rare; usually all dirt falls away after the first application.
Watch video instructions at www.pikatec.cz or you can use the QR code.

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