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Nano Clean Surface

Surface cleaner

Nano Clean Surface
Surface Cleaner (100 ml) is suitable for continuous cleaning and degreasing in particular, all non-absorbent surfaces, car interior, such as plastic and painted surfaces, etc. At the same time it is highly recommended to prepare the surface before Nano Protect Plastic and Nano Protect Painted Surface. Use of 20-30 m2
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Czech technology
Developed with scientists at the Technical University of Liberec.
Long-term protection
Your car will be protected for more than a year.
Easy maintenance
Maintenance of your car will be easier and less frequent.
Easy application
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Product description

The product used for degreasing and removal of contaminants before application of funds Nano Protect Plastic and Nano Protect Painted Surface. Nanoparticles (billionths of a meter) easily penetrate the surface pores and remove impurities deposited in their structure.

Use of 20-30 m2.

Instructions for use

Shake well before use! Do not apply in direct sun or in the rain! On a clean, dry surface spray device Nano Surface Clean and spread. Nano Surface preparation Clean Apply very small amounts with a clean cloth application. Surface and get rid of dirt and grease. In the case of heavily soiled and greasy surfaces, wash it first with a suitable detergent and rinse thoroughly and dry. On the surface must not dry water droplets that are conserved in the next step. Remember that the more you clean the surface, the better the grip hence the lifetime of subsequent polishes! If heavily soiled surfaces do not hesitate to repeatedly wash.

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