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Nano Protect Stone 200ml

Stone protection

Nano Protect Stone 200ml
Stone protection, use 10-30 m2 The composition is specially designed for indoor and outdoor treatment of stones and stone products where you want the stone to be able to eliminate internal moisture (so-called breathing). These are mainly stone floors, kitchen boards, statues, stone paving and tiling, door frames and building elements.

The new version of the nano cosmetics with new features! 
More information about the new version can be found here.

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This new version has the following features compared to the first version of the HOME family: a significant change to the stone's properties. Nearly 40% better hydrophobicity, significantly better membrane formation (better breathing), better grip of about 30%, significantly higher hardness, excellent dust repellency, higher resistance to chemicals.

Nano Protect Stone does not close the pores on the surface, so the stone is "breathing". This is due to the fact that the composition forms on the surface a membrane that does not drop water drops into the interior, but on the contrary, it passes out many smaller particles of steam or saturated water outwardly. So the humidity gets out of the stone. The stone is less dirty, better cleaned, washed and maintained. The surface membrane contains nanoparticles that are deposited in a coarse stone structure just below the surface and the whole system is so stiff and can withstand much more than untreated material. Additionally, the cushion sinks just below the surface, so it does not act as a varnish, it only highlights the natural color and shine of the stone. A revolutionary recipe for nanotechnology, which creates an invisible transparent layer of nanoparticles (billionths of a meter) on the lacquered surface, a kind of hard shield. It penetrates into the pores of the varnish structure and closes it, protecting it from the surface. Smooths its surface and, thanks to the presence of hard oxide nanoparticles, it strengthens it. It has a long-lasting effect - 12 months, ensures high gloss, protection from scratches from small impurities and dust, protection from salt influences, chemicals, various detergents, bird feces, pollen and UV rays. Apply polish only to surfaces that are pre-washed and cleaned.

The consumption of the product is approximately 10 - 30 m2 (depending on the type of material).

Instructions for use:

Apply Nano Protect Stone only to surfaces cleaned and prepared with Nano Clean Stone. Shake well before use! Since it is nanotechnology, apply only a small amount of the tool, otherwise you only wipe the rest in the subsequent deco. The application of politron can be divided into two groups: 1 / Application on polished stone (granite, marble, etc.), 2 / Application on a rough surface (sandstone, etc.).

Applying on stone: Thoroughly trowel, preferably a non-absorbent cloth on a visible film. Allow about 30 minutes to dry when the film lightly lightens and polish it to a high gloss. Do not apply in direct sunlight, but after 90 minutes you can expose the surface to direct sunlight. After such treatment, it also resists water. The polishing solids from above, so under the hardening top layer there is still a soft lower part of the polish for 12 hours.
Apply to coarse surface: Dilute the polish in a ratio of 2 parts of polish and 1 part of water, mix well and apply uniformly either by painting or spraying to the surface. With these materials, the polishing is absorbed into the structure, so it is not necessary to polish it! Leave the politron 12 hours hard, from the first 90 minutes try to prevent rain and direct sunlight.
The optimal protective effect and hardness occurs after 12 hours when the nanoparticles settle on the surface to form a shield (crystalline grid). During this time, a very thin layer of very slightly visible powder that is not water-repellent and which can be washed with a damp cloth or sprayed with water is eliminated. Water repellency occurs after washing this layer and every subsequent wash, these properties improve for some time.

Tips: When it comes to absorbent stones (eg sandstone, limestone, etc.), the surface absorbency may be greater. If necessary, it is advisable to apply one more layer of nanopowder, but only after the first application has been fully cured. Up to 12h. If you applied earlier, you would still apply one layer, but stronger, which is undesirable in terms of interconnection and cure of polish with the surface. Prior to the second application, make sure the surface is clean, especially for stones exposed to outdoor influences. Let's keep in mind that the better the polisher joins the surface, without unwanted grease, the result will be better.

For outdoor stone such as pillars, fences or stone masonry, you can use Superstructure superstructure, which is extremely hydrophobic and significantly closes the surface (even though the stone still breathes), but it can produce a slightly shiny effect. This protects the stone against extreme natural outdoor influences such as sunlight, wind, rain and floating dirt (grease). We recommend testing it on a smaller surface area so you can evaluate the resulting visual effect.

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