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Nano Activator 50ml

Polishes Activator

Nano Activator 50ml
Polishes Activator is designed to activate the hydrophobic properties of polishes Pikatec in the automotive and domestic sectors. Not to use in combination with Nano Protect Leather and Nano Protect Textile.
5.74 EUR(Including VAT)
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Czech technology
Developed with scientists at the Technical University of Liberec.
Long-term protection
Protect your home for up to 2 years.
Clean up less
Cleaning will be much easier and less frequent.
Easy application
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Product description

Use Nano Activator in the event that you feel that water-repellency is protected surface is lower than you expected. It is pointless to use it in case the water-repellency is perfect, but the unnecessary use of the intrinsic properties of polishes worse. Take note, however, that the final water-repellency occurs after rinsing or wiping emulsifiers, as indicated in the instructions, and after complete stabilization polishes.

Nano Armour,
Protect Glass,
Protect Wheel

Protect Plastic

Protect Painted Surface

Protect Wood

Protect Stone

Protect Ceramic&Sanitary

Protect Stainless

Protect Glass-Ceramic

Consumption of the product is about 5-10 ml per 1 m2.

Use Nano Activator on non-absorbent surfaces to the absolute stabilizing properties, ie. 3-5 days. Polishing a final hardness after 12 hrs but polymerization processes etc., Are formed sometimes much longer (depending on the temperature, humidity, etc.). Meanwhile, surfaces can be washed and otherwise maintain.

Porous materials (wood, stone, etc.), This time is much longer, there is recommended a final test hydrophobicity after about 3 weeks. It is because the structure of polishes, thanks to a much higher absorbency and elimination of undesirable substances logically lasts longer than the non-absorbent surfaces, where the thickness of the polishing reaches only a few tens of nanometers.

We remind you that the Nano Activator is a device intended only to activate the hydrophobic properties (water-repellant). All other properties such as hardness, UV filters, chemical resistance, etc., Are fully functional after drying the polishes, approximately 12 hours (at low temperatures and in high humidity, this time is prolonged).


Composition Nano Activator works on the principle removers redundant and excluded emulsifiers and impurities from the surface of the cured polishes. Imagine that these fatty particles on the surface eliminated during drying and hardening polish polishes easily holds in its structure. Washing with warm water, the majority of the particles should be easy to remove and thereby start the hydrophobic properties of polishes. Some undesirable particles (e.g. fatty carbon particles) are applications polishes partially dissolved and eliminated on the surface and sometimes easily mechanically adhere to the surface polishes. These contaminants are water repellent and can be eliminated by simply rinsing shampoo concentrate, but it takes some time (the time these unwanted particles are washed out, but it may take months, depending on the frequency and concentration of washing detergent concentrates). The user is then mistakenly thinks polish on the protected surface is not, or it does not work.

It should be noted that each material has a different structure and, for example, each glass has a different roughness. It's not that expensive, new cars must necessarily have the finest glass. In coarse structures holding logically impurities better than fine. During manufacture, storage, distribution or traffic surface also each individually may clog more or less layer of impurities. It often happens that, even for example in a car after the application, the repellency of the rear window and side windows different. These impurities are sometimes referred to chemically complex and if they get into the structure unprotected surface is practically not dissolve or otherwise remove surface preparation for protective polishes.

Instructions for use

Shake before use. Do not apply in direct sun or in the rain! On a clean, dry surface spray device Nano Activator and rub. Přípravek Nano Activator Apply using a sprayer on a protected surface and immediately clean with a soft cloth (such as if you were cleaning the windows). Above the surface so you get rid of dirt and grease. In the case of heavily soiled and greasy surfaces, wash it first with a suitable detergent and rinse thoroughly and dry. If heavily soiled surfaces do not hesitate to repeatedly wash.

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