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Diamond Nano Protect Wheel

Protection on wheels

Diamond Nano Protect Wheel
19.48 EUR(Including VAT)
22.93  EUR
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Product description

A new uncompromising nanotechnological preparation formula designed for the protection of aluminium, chrome-plated and lacquered wheels. It is very resistant to high temperatures. It covers the surface with an invisible (transparent) layer, which is very hard and protects the wheel from abrasive particles. It smooths the rough surface of the wheel, which means less dirt will stick, particularly dirt from brake pads. Because the impurities are not let onto the wheel’s surface, the wheel is not only protected – the dirt also cannot penetrate deep into the wheel’s structure. Removing this engrained dirt is very laborious and often almost impossible. This preparation can withstand temperatures of over 700° C. Its effect is long-lasting; the preparation provides a high sheen, protection from scratches caused by small pebbles and dust, protection from the effects of salts and bitumen, protection from pollen and resin from trees, protection from bird excrement and also protection form UV radiation. We recommend that the polish be applied exclusively to surfaces pre-washed with Nano Clean Wheel and Diamond Nano Shampoo. If the brakes experience extreme use and at high temperatures, fine powder from the brake lining may become stuck to the polish and cake to the surface of it if regular washing does not take place. You can tell that this has happened when it is very difficult to remove the dirt. However, the dirt is only stuck to the polish and it will not penetrate the structure of the wheel; this is also due to the high thermal resistance of the polish.
In this case, we recommend that the wheel be properly cleaned with Nano Clean Wheel.


The newest, the best and uncompromising – this is a new series of PIKATEC nanocosmetics. The assignment was clear – we want autocosmetics that can withstand cold arctic as well as hot equatorial extremes. We want maximum UV protection for lacquers! We want maximum hardness and abrasion resistance! We want maximum water resistance!

We want to seal pores in lacquer as much as possible for a period of one year. We want the shortest time possible for hardening and maximum resistance to industrial detergents. We want maximum thermal resistance. Simply put – we want to create the best and most resistant autocosmetics imaginable and, along the way, leave the production price to one side - this aspect will be addressed later, if necessary. 

Instructions for use:

Shake properly before use! Before Diamond Nano Protec Wheel is applied it is extremely important to wash and degrease the wheel’s surface thoroughly and remove all dirt. Before applying the polish, clean the wheel’s surface with a dry cloth so that stains (e.g. stains from dried water) are not “preserved” in the structure after the polish is applied. NANO CLEAN WHEEL is an ideal preparation to clean the rims. Do not forget that the better you clean the surface, the better its adhesiveness will be for the follow-up application of the polish. Apply a thin film to the wheel rim.
Because this is nanotechnology, only a really small amount of the preparation should be applied. The redundant amount will only be wiped away during the subsequent polishing. Spread the preparation evenly with a non-absorbent cloth to create a visible film. Leave to dry for about 30 minutes, the film will get slightly lighter; then polish it to get a high gloss. Do not apply under direct sunlight! 90 minutes after application the wheel may be taken into direct sunlight; the polish will also withstand water and frost down to a temperature of -5°C. However, the polish hardens from top to bottom, which means that underneath the hardening layer there will still be a soft bottom layer of polish for a period of 12 hours. Therefore, before this time elapses, do not expose the vehicle to extreme climatic conditions (storms, torrential rain etc.) and do not drive it in an abrasive environment, e.g. along dusty roads. The optimum protective effect and hardness of the polish is only achieved after 12 hours, when the nanoparticles on the surface line up and create a protective shield (crystalline grid). When hardening takes place under low temperatures the time needed to achieve final hardening is somewhat longer. During this period a thin layer of hardly visible powder (exuded emulsifier) may appear on the surface which is not so repellent to water and should be properly washed away after the crystalline grid of nanoparticles hardens. If the car, after the nanoparticles have hardened, is left in temperatures of up to 25 °C, it is necessary to wash the emulsifier away 48 hours after application; if the temperature exceeds 25 °C, it is necessary to wash the emulsifier away 24 hours after application. Only after that will the surface be perfectly water repellent. Water repellence is effective after the layer of emulsifier is washed away and each subsequent wash improves this property for a certain time.
If, after the polish is hardened and washed with water, greasy stains appear on the wheel surface (along with inadequate water repellence in affected spots), dry the surface and then polish it to a high gloss with a polishing cloth. The reason for this is an insufficiently degreased surface before the application of the polish, which is caused by some preparations that leave trace amounts of grease on the surface that cannot be spotted by the human eye. The polish exudes this grease to the surface and it should be wiped away. This may reoccur several times, but after that the polish will function without problems. However, this phenomenon should be rare in the case of wheels, because the chemical composition is slightly different from the polish used for glass and lacquer.
Afterwards, wash the wheel’s surface regularly together with the car using Diamond Nano Shampoo - this will prolong the service life of the polish! 
Watch video instructions at www.pikatec.cz or you can use the QR code.

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