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Diamond Nano Protect Glass

Protection for glass

Diamond Nano Protect Glass
32.55 EUR(Including VAT)
38.3  EUR
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A revolutionary new, uncompromising and ultimate formula of nanotechnological hydrophobic preparation. It serves as protection against impurities and water. It has a long-term effect of up to one year. The nanoparticles (billionths of a metre) create an invisible transparent layer on the surface of glass, a hard protective shield of a kind, which penetrates the pores of glass, smooths the surface and reduces its aerodynamic resistance. As a result flying objects lightly rebound from the surface and do not create long scratches and grooves in the glass. Protection against insects that come into contact with the bodywork functions similarly. No (or hardly any) long smudges obstructing the driver’s view are created on the glass. The hydrophobic preparation works on the principle of a lotus effect whereby droplets of water glide down along the surface thanks to gravitational pull or air flow. These drops of liquid, rolling along the surface of the glass, remove particles of dirt that have stuck to the glass. When it rains, a self-cleaning effect takes place and it is not necessary to use windscreen wipers from speeds of about 60 km/h (according to the incline of the glass). However, you should always ensure that your driving is safe!

TIP: It is no longer necessary to apply more layers of glass protection as the new Diamond formula is absolutely sufficient. We recommend that you apply the polish again after one year at the latest, even if it still repels water. It is necessary to renew the UV filter and nanoparticles in the polish. This preparation can be used in a household on glass and ceramics, or on windows and shop windows. If one pack is not enough, additional individual packs can be purchased.


The newest, the best and uncompromising – this is a new series of PIKATEC nanocosmetics. The assignment was clear – we want autocosmetics that can withstand cold arctic as well as hot equatorial extremes. We want maximum UV protection for lacquers! We want maximum hardness and abrasion resistance! We want maximum water resistance!

We want to seal pores in lacquer as much as possible for a period of one year. We want the shortest time possible for hardening and maximum resistance to industrial detergents. We want maximum thermal resistance. Simply put – we want to create the best and most resistant autocosmetics imaginable and, along the way, leave the production price to one side - this aspect will be addressed later, if necessary.

Instructions for use:

Thoroughly shake before use! Thoroughly clean the surface of the bodywork. Remember that it is necessary to remove all impurities and stains from the lacquer by polishing it with a dry piece of cloth (for example, stains left by dried water droplets)! The application and subsequent spreading of the polish would only “preserve” these stains in the polish and it would be very difficult to get rid of them afterwards.
These undesirable effects would look particularly unpleasant on glass!

The glass should be clean and washed with Ceramic Nano Clear Glass; then use a non-absorbent application cloth to apply a very thin film of Ceramic Nano Protect Glass (2-4 ml/m2), we recommend that the preparation is applied on each window separately. After 5 minutes, polish until you get a high sheen. It is important to polish the glass within 5 to 10 minutes; after this polishing will be much more laborious (to make polishing easier you can lightly spray Diamond Nano Clear Glass onto the glass). Remember that polish for glass is much more difficult to polish out than other Pikatec polishes, but the results are uncompromising and the final properties are certainly worth it. If the polish becomes hard anyway and is difficult to polish out, apply Diamond Nano Clear Glass to a piece of cloth and use it to remove the dried film. You do not need to worry about compromising the resulting properties of the polish.
Do not apply under direct sunlight! After 90 minutes the car may be exposed to direct sunlight and the glass will be resistant to water and it can also be exposed to temperatures as low as -5°C, where the polish is still able to harden. However, the polish hardens from top to bottom, which means that underneath the hardening layer there is still the soft bottom part of the polish for a period of 12 hours. Therefore, before this time elapses do not expose the vehicle to extreme climatic conditions (storms, torrential rain etc.) and do not drive it in an abrasive environment, e.g. along dusty roads. During this time try not to use windscreen wipers, which could damage the hardening polish. However, always observe the traffic rules and drive safely!

The optimum protective effect and hardness of the polish manifest after 12 hours, when the nanoparticles line up on the surface and create a crystalline grid. When hardening takes place under low temperatures the time needed to achieve the final setting is somewhat longer.
If, after the polish is hardened and washed with water, greasy stains appear (which is accompanied with inadequate water repellence in affected spots), dry the surface and then polish it to a high gloss with a polishing cloth. The reason for this is an insufficiently degreased surface before the application of the polish, which is caused by some preparations that leave trace amounts of grease on the surface which cannot be spotted by the human eye. The polish exudes this grease to the surface and it should be wiped away. This may reoccur several times, but after that the polish will function without problems.
Afterwards, wash the surface of the glass together with the bodywork of the car regularly with Diamond Nano Shampoo; by doing this you will prolong the service life of the polish! Do not apply under direct sunlight! 

Watch video instructions at www.pikatec.cz or you can use the QR code.

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