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Ceramic Nano Clear Glass

Glass cleaner

Ceramic Nano Clear Glass
9.16 EUR(Including VAT)
11.46  EUR
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A preparation used to remove impurities before Ceramic Nano Protect Glass (nano protection of glass) is applied. Nanoparticles (billionths of a metre) easily enter the pores and remove the impurities settled in the structure of glass.

TIP: This preparation can also be used elsewhere inside or outside, for instance in a household it can be used for glass or ceramics or to wash windows and shop windows.


The revolutionary new series of PIKATEC CERAMIC nanocosmetics is derived from the supreme DIAMOND series; however it has been optimised to be affordable to the wider public. It provides high UV protection for lacquer and gives a hardness and resistance to abrasion several times better the previous cosmetic series. It is more water repellent and seals pores in lacquer for a period of up to one year. Its setting time is shorter and it is very resistant to industrial detergents. It is extremely resistant to heat – up to around 550°C.

The PIKATEC CERAMIC series is specially developed and produced from self-supporting emulsion and nanoparticles of a size of up to 30 nm (nm – nanometre – one billionth of a metre),  which are permanently dissolved in the liquid environment of the new generation cosmetic emulsion thanks to a special solvent. These solid particles contain silicon oxide and zircon oxide, which together improve the repelling properties in relation to liquids as wells as resistance to mechanical surface wear and tear. Other components of the revolutionary PIKATEC CERAMIC cosmetics provide a protective shield against other impurities, chemicals and salts, but most of all they provide a perfect UV filter against UV radiation.

Instructions for use: 

Remove impurities from glass and clean it, e.g. with Ceramic Nano Shampoo. Do not forget that the better you clean the surface the better the adhesive quality and service life of the follow-up polish will be! In cases of heavy soiling do not hesitate to wash the glass repeatedly. Do not use detergents such as washing-up detergents or other similar substances, with the exception of preparations exclusively designed for cars!

CAUTION – the most frequent reason for failures in application is when the surface that has not been properly degreased! The use of greasy preparations, such as clay or similar, or a preliminary washing of the car in an automatic car wash (where waste water with spray wax is usually recycled) may reduce the effect and shorten the service life of PIKATEC polish. Also air compressors, used to dry the car body, sometimes exude oil, which is used to lubricate the compressor’s piston, along with the air – this is often the case unless the compressor is equipped with a filter.

Apply Ceramic Nano Clear Glass onto clean and dry glass; it will ensure absolute cleanliness and prepare the surface of the glass for the subsequent application of the polish. Apply the preparation in really small amounts (5–7 ml per square metre) using a clean application cloth. Do not apply under direct sunlight. Leave to dry for about 5 minutes and then polish. A surface cleaned in this way is ready for the subsequent application of Ceramic Nano Protect Glass. In general, always apply in temperatures of over 5 °C, ideally at 20 °C. Do not apply under direct sunlight! 

Watch video instructions at www.pikatec.cz or you can use the QR code.

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