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Applications car interior XL

Voucher for application

Applications car interior XL
Voucher for complete protection of the interior of your car including NANO cosmetics. No need to buy for each material in your car is a standalone product. Just buy the voucher and choose Application Center, which performs application nanokosmetiky. Then you can be protected interior of the vehicle, whether it is leather, plastic, textile or even combined. You have selected a voucher for oversized car, see the description below for the type of car covers.
103.67 EUR(Including VAT)
In stock
Product code
Have Pikatec applied by a professional in our application centres.
The closest one is  from you at the address: 
Czech technology
Developed with scientists at the Technical University of Liberec.
Long-term protection
Your car will be protected for more than a year.
Easy maintenance
Maintenance of your car will be easier and less frequent.
Easy application
We will guide you or
we will do it for you.
Fast delivery
Product description

Voucher for complete protection of your car's interior, including nanokosmetiky. No need to buy for each material in your car separately product. Just buy the voucher, choose Application Center, and then you can be protected and your interior whether it is leather, plastic, textile or even combined. It does not apply to the trunk, and the trunk of the car. All you need to determine to which category falls vocheru your car.

size car

You have chosen Voucher for oversize vehicle. That applies to larger SUVs, large family MPV and other big cars eg. Volvo XC60, XC70, Ford Galaxy and the like. It does not apply to large commercial vehicles, such as vans size Transporter like. If you have a smaller car than the outsize then select Applications car interior CZK 1,199.

* In the case of a 7 seater car is bigger individual price after consultation with our application center.

Best service

If you buy a professional application via our website, we guarantee us the lowest prices and professionalism.

detail services

Application voucher for application nanokosmetiky Pikatec is designed to protect car interiors and leather, textile, plastic and painted surfaces. The price of the voucher is the price of materials and labor. This work contains specialized application / application nanokosmetiky. Voucher contains cleaning and removal of old dried or greasy stains, dust or other large particles or objects, but only the necessary surface degreasing before application. You can redeem the voucher at our partners, which can be found in section application centers. Said application centers are trained in the application nanokosmetiky Pikatec. Voucher sent only in electronic form. Voucher is valid for a period of 6 months.

Nanokosmetika Pikatec

Benefits nanokosmetiky for the interior of your car, you can read here

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